Personalised Printing

Over the last few years the print industry has seen a huge growth in cloud-based (so-called ‘web-to-print’) solutions, and one of the things that the internet has enabled is the personalised printing of individual items. Anything from a mug to a t-shirt to a high quality ‘coffee-table’ type photobook can now be designed online and printed individually, something unthinkable not too long ago.
River Digital has been at the forefront of digital personalised printing since its formation – in fact that’s what our company was formed to do. We can print on anything from paper and card to porcelain and cloth, and we have set up two flagship websites to take advantage of our specialities.
Our original personalised print portal, iPrintPhoto, was set up to showcase our abilities and has recently been completely overhauled as part of our exciting partnership with one of continental Europe’s leading providers of personalisation software. iPrintPhoto now offers an exciting range of personalised print options aimed at creative professionals such as artists and photographers as well as the general public.
We have recently launched a second portal, BabyShark, aimed at providing yearbooks, calendars, tickets and cards to schools, colleges, clubs and societies. Both sites feature a huge assortment of pre-loaded templates to make designing products quicker.